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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The desire of being photographed

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One of my office clerks needed once to take a home loan and requested me to become his guarantor. I agreed and no sooner than I agreed she asked me to bring a number of documents on the next day, and one of those was – three copies of my recent photographs. No other but this – photograph, put me into great trouble. I said, “Sorry, I don’t have a single copy of my photograph.
You see I am quite grown up now, or you can say I am too old to have any desire of being photographed. Neither have I passed through any condition demanding a photograph from me. My department too, is not in a mood to ask for a photograph, even to be pasted on my service book, though I happen to see photographs pasted on the first pages of service books of many persons. They don’t tell me when this important incident took place, and I was left. My service book is still lacking my photograph, but none is ever asking me to decorate the page of my service book by pasting my photograph on it, and that this act is legally important. Now, I think that I have given sufficient reason of why I don’t have even a single copy of my photograph.” The lady did speak nothing and I thought she dared not say to pay for my photographs, otherwise I might have got one more chance of being photographed and one of many more chances of examining my face how it looked at this age.

In my age, people say that I looked smart. Probably, that has been the reason why a large number of my photographs are seen here and there in my home whenever books and files are dusted before Diwali or during other occasions demanding cleanliness. Some people don’t get a good photograph though they look smart whereas some look smart in their photographs too. Some look even smarter in their photographs. People say them PHOTOGENIC. Beyond all these, I think or you can say – I observe that every one wants to see how he is seen in his (or her) photograph. The inference is – every one wants to be photographed. I have seen some people falling on the camera man during a photo session while some people taking their place cleverly so that the camera man can not avoid his face in case he is responsible enough to photograph the most genuine person of the session, or for whom the session has been organized.

Some days ago, my son got success to make me agree to pay a good sum of money, that too through credit card, and bought a mobile phone with 3.2 mega pixel camera facility. When I became able to touch the same after some days, I cleverly rather narrowly escaped out of home and started searching things to take photograph on my own. I had seen my children taking very good photographs. First, I spotted a heard of goats one out of which was trying to chew leaves of an ornamental plant by climbing on the wall. I got success in this venture. I marched ahead taking many different photographs- of flowers, leaves, small plants, birds etc. At the corner of street I saw some puppies walking while two of them sitting lazily in the earthen bowl probably dug by their mother for their peaceful and safe lodging.

I decided to take photographs of those two puppies sitting lazily in the pit. I clicked. No sooner than I clicked on those, all the others rushed to the pit and sat in position pushing their faces out so that the lens of the camera may not loose even a single face. Look for yourself and tell me who is most photogenic. I am sure, you will say – none, but all.

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