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Friday, June 26, 2009

Vanishing Field Sparrows

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Sparrows signify life and wellbeing. Some people believe so, and like that beautiful birds should visit their homes. Others do not think so. Why they don't like birds, I can't say. But I see people hunting and killing birds.Days have gone when field sparrows used to enjoy in the fields. While these tiny creatures were occupied in searching food in the crop fields, a group of people were occupied in developing technologies for hunting and killing them, and for earning money byselling them in markets. Finally, the technology for capturing them was developed and the first flock was vanished on the first day in the early morning of which day and of which year is recorded by god himself. I have seen how these innocent birds are caught cunningly and killedmercilessly. Is there a merciful killing? Killing that too with mercy?? Who has assembled these two words together???

The heads of the poor birds are dipped into water to suffocate the birds to death. Can you bear suffocation for few minutes? Those suffering from asthma search their inhalers restlessly, and are pleased when they search it out. Suffocation is crueler than death. Thus the poor birds die many deaths before their actual deaths. And, after death starts the work of extracting out their meat by rubbing their dead bodies and removing their skin. Very costly their meat sells in themarkets. And those who buy it believe that the meat brings warmth and masculinity.

Masculinity is that which only important achievement in life is. The poor field sparrows offer masculinity to such people by sacrificing their lives for them. Since sparrow eaters believe that it is true for them. But the taste of tongue is also something that matters. And if someone kills birds just for the taste of his tongue, sounds unjust and awkward. And even the most unjust and
cruel people don't want to be called so.

Now, field sparrows are hard to find in the fields . Jerry, my son's pet dog, whom I never kept in chains, used to play with sparrows and lizards. I have never seen him killing even an insect.A street dog in the childhood could collect our sympathies and occupied a prime place in my family. Now he is living happily and proudly, though away from me, as I became unable to offer him maximum care and respect he deserved, at some point of my life. I don't know and Icannot even guess whether killers of innocent creatures of god, can ever remain happy and proud. Poor field sparrows used to control insects that damaged our crops. But since powerful pesticides are there in the markets, who can take the risk of trusting birds. Those peoplehave different philosophy of life- yes, the philosophy of eating field sparrows and allowing pesticides to eat them. Best of luck. I cannot dare to attempt to change the philosophies of lives of such great people bubbling with masculinity on the cost of field sparrows, the innocent creatures of God.

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