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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spreading environment awareness is his passion

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SCIENCE TEACHER of Marwari School Ranchi, DR MP Mishra is off the beaten track. His feathers were ruffled , when a pachyderm was mercilessly gunned down in Simdega. His heart rankles , when rows of women treck long distances with fuel wood." Stacks of fuel wood atop them--meant for sale-- symbolises death warrant for the sylvan surroundings. The greenery would soon disappear! " I always encountered these women aboard the trains on my journey," said Dr. Mishra.

Encounters with women remained ingrained in his mind like a stubborn scar that refused to be disappear even under the pressure of time. It went on nagging him. He hit upon an idea -- let's begin at the grass roots, the school children. He formed the 'Students ' Science Academy' in his school around 1988 with 50 students to generate public awareness on environement.

The students under his leadreship on holidays toured different areas. tehy studied flora and fauna and tested water bodies to assess pollution with simple devise of their own. " We never asked for money from anybody. We used to spend from our own pockets on our mission," said Dr. Mishra

Meanwhile, he was transferred to Girls High School Lohardaga. He formed the Students' Science Academy' here also. the students of the school scaled new heights and earned state level accolades at the erstwhile capital of United Jharkhand -Patna and national level praises at Hyderabad in 2001 for their project ' Environmental Problems through Religious Practices'. Then recognitions poured in. He became the lohardaga District science co-ordinator of National Council of Science and Technology under Science and technology department of the Union Government. he was transfererd again to Ranchi-based Marwari School .

His fascination for environment made him editor of environmental journal 'ECOSOC' which had to wound up due to financial constraints. But his fancy for writing never dwindled. His three books in English--Our Environment, Our Environment: Pollution Control and Future Strategies, Our Environment and Green Revolution-- published by New Delhi based S.Chand and Company have been lapped up by intellectuals and students. The first of the Lot has even clicked in Germany.

Dr. Mishra , now the State co-ordinator of National Council of Science and Technology, has also written Science books in Hindi for CBSE course for class IX and X students. " I am now translating the books into English," said Dr. Mishra. He is also the president of city based 'People for Animals' . Despite having made long strides in his endeavour for the betterment of environment and wildlife, his work has ironically remained outside the periphery of government attention.

DATED: November 1, 2002

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