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Friday, August 14, 2009

Even birds are benefitted from the Mid Day Meal Programme

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Crows searching leftovers of mid day meal lost in the rain water in a school ground.

Mid day meal is an ambitious programme for attracting children to school for their enrolments. A number of negative reports and complaints are being seen and read in the media, regarding malpractices in the conduction of the programme. Lots of questions are also being raised concerning its utility, conduction and success in different areas.

Lack of proper dining halls force the children to eat here and there in the open campuses of some schools. Since, the children covered under the programme are small children, they move here and there while eating where there are no places for sitting and proper arrangements could not have been made, and drop lots of coocked items on ground. These items attract different species of birds who enjoy the meal without any compulsion of of enrolment.

Here are some photographs showing birds eating away the scattered mid day meal in a school ground. Crows don't fear even to pick out the dipped food after rains and try to pick out coocked rice dipping their beaks into water. Here is the point where success approaches to the maximum level.

Crows eating beaten rice dropped by students in a school campus

A crow picking out food material dropped by school children during mid day meal before a heavy rain.

Let us see some more pics of birds enjoying the mid-day meal in a school.All the students have gone after eating the meal and birds are enjoying the left over. Thanks to the staff who have not yet sweeped the floor. See how the government ration is wasted ... no, don't say like this. It is rather the best use of the govt. money.

Snap- 1

Snap - 2

Snap -3

Snap -4

In winter season when just beaten rice and jaggery was supplied to school children as mid day

meal -




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