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Monday, August 31, 2009

Government to look for fresh relief allocation in Jharkhand

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The disaster relief fund was made available to the government of Jharkhand 3 years ago, for digging fresh ponds in every districts but the fund could not be utilized for the purpose it was allocated- report local media.

The Department of Disaster Management had made available rupees 112 crore in two installments but the expense of only 22 crore could be shown in the record by authorities concerned. Here, it is important to note that the government to start fresh relief measures in the current drought situations needs money from the department but finance department has asked to clear the pending record of utilization of funds allocated earlier. The finance department has asked about the conditions that did not allow full utilization of the sanctioned amount for the noble cause.

Now, it is reported that that funds were made available to different districts of the state and out of these few districts managed to dig some ponds whereas other districts could not do it due to non-availability of land for the purpose. Now the department is preparing to surrender the amount sanctioned three years ago for the construction of ponds. According to reports, when the fund was allocated, Arjun Munda, then Chief Minister of state had announced a scheme entitled “Work for 100 days” and had asked to dig ponds one each in every panchayat. But the scheme disappeared after his government.

During the current drought like situations in Jharkhand it is meaningful to state that traditional ponds used to contribute in balancing local ecosystems and controlling the microclimates in most of the districts of the state. Digging of ahar-pyne systems in dry areas has been the traditional practice towards conservation of rain water for the irrigation of food and fodder crops in the area.

The current drought like situations that have caused a complete damage of food and fodder crops and non-cultivation of paddy during the current monsoon session, have stressed humans as well as cattle populations up to such an extent that anyone walking through the area could see dead bodies of cattle lying in the open fields, cracks in the crop fields and poor farmers sitting on doorsteps with hands on foreheads.

Scene of drought and damaged crops

The activities of leveling of ponds for expanding agricultural lands in rural areas and for constructing apartments in urban areas have swallowed in most of the traditional ponds dug by ancestors with deep wisdom. Thinking over the matter one can conclude that humans have been loosing foresight in the race of development.

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