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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inauguration of World's Largest Solar Steam System at Shirdi

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Sai Baba , the great saint
Original photograph of year 1916

World's largest Solar steam system having the capacity to generate 3,500 Kg of steam everyday, was inaugurated at the pilgrim town of Shirdi by the New and Renewable Energy Minister Farooq Abdullah on July 30.

Shirdi is a town some 90 Kms. from Nashik district of Maharashtra State of India, known for its famous shrine devoted to Sai Baba - a 19th century Sufi Saint , revered by Hindus and Muslims alike. Thus thousands of devotees arive at the shrine everyday.

The solar system , which has been designed to cook food for the devotees has the capacity to generate 3500 Kg of steam, enough to cook food for 20,000 devotees everyday.

The total estimated cost of the system is estimated at Rs 1.33 Crore , for which a govt subsidy of Rs. 58.4 lakh has been provided by the Ministry. The Ministry offers support of upto 50 p.c. of the cost of such systems set up by NGOs and 35 p.c. for profit making bodies." Over 40 systems covering a dish area of about 12,000 square metres have been supported by the ministry for various applications , though the major application is cooking only," a government statement said.

Other such large solar steam cooking systems installed in India are located at Mount Abu in Rajasthan , having capacity to cook food for 10,000 people everyday, at Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh and Satyabhama University in Chennai, which have the capacities of cooking food for 15,000 people everyday.

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