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Friday, August 14, 2009

Small Plants on an old wall

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Small Plants on an old wall.
Small and minute plants grow on old walls. How and when their seeds settled there are matters, for me, to be investigated out. But you might be knowing the answer to this question. What will happen to these plants? I can say - when vulnerability meets a hazard, the disaster is bound to occur.

This plant community has a very short life defined and decided by rain, atmosphere, remperature, mechanical disturbances, encroachments and what not.However these plants have great powers of deriving nutrients and absorbing water.Some scientists are of the opinion that the small plants like these have greater strength of deriving nutrients and have greater servival instinct than big or giant trees. These plants remain in haste to develop and produce numerous propagules or seeds in very very large numbers in order to obey the Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection. Some agencies may help their propagules or seeds to settle somewhere. Now it is upto those agencies and upto nature's breaks or forces that those propagules are to be dropped on a fertile land, on a forest land, on a rock, or on a desert soil. Nothing is certain.What is certain is that no one likes these plants except ....

Think about the lives of the people inhabiting railway platforms, abandoned railway tracks, common lands, lands around monuments ... who have dropped them there? Where from do these people come? Nothing is certain here too. But one thing which is certain is that these people without any postal address are sure to experience the theory of Natural Selection in more practical ways than other individuals of their species.Tell me something about this piece of text presented and posted by me.

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