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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The problem of constructing a diversion of NH33 through the Jharkhand’s coal belt

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The work of extinguishing coal seam fire under NH33 near Loha Gate of Kuju coalmine area in Jharkhand is going on by blowing nitrogen foam inside the mine but the construction of diversion through the route planned earlier is awaiting a safe zone certificate from the CCL authorities who are still not confirmed that the area through which the diversion of NH33 is to be constructed is free from coal deposits.

Filling Nitogen foam into the earth to extinguish the underground coalseam- fire

The work of physical examination for the construction of a diversion of NH33 in Kuju area started since the coal seam fire surfaced with smoke and flames under and around the NH33 segment. Passenger vehicles have been plying through a temporary route to Patna and Varanasi since the government has stopped all the transport through the earlier route. It is important to note that six coal mines are located within a periphery of 10 km from the fire area. Under these conditions construction of an alternate road passing through this area cannot be a safe option. Experts of CCL are still drilling the land at various points to find out the condition ofunderground coal seam fire or the presence of coal at least that may be vulnerable to catch fire in near future, and to their sadness the coal is everywhere. Under these conditions the authorities are not comfortable to issue any certificate of safe zone through which a diversion of NH33 can be built. The alternate routes through which vehicles are plying to Patna and Varanasi are already unsafe and risky.

The diversion under construction

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