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Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Cattle, only cow families are moving calmly towards the death

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Media across India is reporting that poor farmers are selling their cattle as drought conditions prevailing in many parts of the country have dried up all the grass and fodder. Selling their cattle to whom? ... to the owners of slaughter houses.

Here is the seen of mambers of a particular animal species moving gradually towards death, calmly and sadly, as if they know where they have to go. A man on the bicycle is showing the way and a boy with a stick is pushing from the back. None has courage to escape away ... or fed up of life! We cannot say that these animals deserve for themselves a single word - just "cattle". You too cannot say that this is not a different case.Why cows and calfs alone are going to be butchered? I do not mean to say that others too should go. But these animals have not been sold on through away prices just because of the prevailing drought like situations. This is a daily practice. A large number of cows and calfs move daily towards death along this Tata - Ranchi road. Most of these in the picture are under normal health.

For many or all of any one section, it may be against their particular religion. For me it for sure against our environment in general and against the biodiversity in particular. Can you do something?

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(click on the picture to see properly)

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