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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Adhatoda vasica: a wonderful medicinal plant

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Adhatoda vasica is an evergreen, sub-herbaceous bush which is found in most parts of the world. Taxonomically, it belongs to the family Acanthaceae. It inhabits waste and undisturbed land, preferably in shady places under old and tall trees. It may also be seen in open plains, along the foothills, and up to above 1300 m above sea level.Its botanical name is Adhatoda vasica or Justicia Adhatoda. Adatodai, Arusa, Adulsa, Bakas, Malabar Nut Tree are some of its common traditional names. Adhatoda vasica is known to Ayurveda from about 2000 years and the extract of its leaves is used for the treatment of Asthma. Besides this it has a number of healing properties due to important alkaloides and oils found in it. Here are some pictures of the plant.

Picture -1

Picture -2

Picture -3

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