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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fate of Morabadi Ground in Ranchi (India)

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Morabadi is the historical ground in Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand in India. This is the only ground in the north eastern part of the city which bears more pains than any other dead or living being in the whole state. Chief Ministers on Independence Days and Governors on Republic days have been hoisting the National Tricolor in this ground since the time immemorial, i.e. after independence at least.

Most of the leaders of all the political parties use to organize rallies in this ground. This ground is the witness of rise and fall of a number of governments since the days of Bihar.Even, many of the games and sports have been organised in this ground. Now, two stadia have been built along the margins of this ground - one in the south eastern corner and the other in the north eastern corner. The stadium at the south eastern corner is meant for hockey and the newly built stadium at the north eastern corner is meant for foot ball. About one third of the ground was separated and fenced with thick concrete wall to make a park after the state was separated from Bihar. A high stage has been built adjacent to the park in the southern part. Earlier the ground was dotted with beautiful trees some of which were exotic and very tall. A number of gulmohar trees used to decorate the ground during their flowering season. An I.A.S. officer in the newly formed government of Jharkhand once became the forest secretary and he ordered massive plantation of useful trees( trees are all useful) around the margins of the ground. Plantation work was completed within two to three days. All the plants were taken care of properly and all of them developed up to good heights. But to their misfortunes, all were cut up to the time of the construction of these stadia. Some encroachers have already damaged and cleared the trees standing at the southern end of the ground.

One very important thing about this ground I need to mention is that most of the fairs and circuses are organised in this ground only. The district administration allows circus parties to stay for some days and earn money, but probably need not to see when circus parties depart after raping the ground brutally. A large number of pits and holes are made into the ground that remain un repaired. All the garbage thrown on the ground remain flying here and there with the currents of the wind and the heavy ones remain there for ever to give a very ugly scene to the ground. Political parties that organize rallies depart after leaving plastic banners, husks, straws , papers, paper plates, broken chairs and all the rubbish of every type on the face of the ground.

It is important to tell that most of the old and gentle men of the area come to the ground on routine basis for morning and evening walks. Many school going girls during their holidays come here with their parents to have a walk in the FRESH air which is no longer fresh now. Teenagers come for running practice and run around the ground. The city administration remains busy in tackling the problems of the city and has no time to maintain or to care for the cleanliness of the ground, if not for themselves, for their senior citizens at least.

Here is a scene of the historic Morabdi ground left ugly by a circus company which is packing up for elsewhere. See and assess for yourself though the quality of photography is very poor.

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