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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Indigenous Cows : Dying the "Plastic -deaths"- if left unbutchered

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Plastics spread here and there present ugly scenes and attract cattle who eat them along with food items

The modern development stands at the cost of both the physical and biological environment. From the physical environment, it derives food, minerals, and fossil fuels and other sources of energy and in turn puts lots of non-degradable and degradable materials, say toxic and non-toxic waste on it. From the biological world it derives food, energy and a number of other things and in turn puts stresses of climate change, habitat destruction, and extinction of species of plants and animals and what not. The modern development has already engulfed vast tracts of forests making wild animals homeless; and yes vast areas of wet lands and of seas too- creating great dangers to aquatic flora and fauna. The need of more and more production may it be the production of grains, meat, or milk, has driven away many of our indigenous species of plants and animals.

Indigenous cows are either butchered or left to die the Plastic- death

Indigenous cows are either butchered or left to die the plastic death(Non- indigenous ones are allotted luxury Halls or modern Khatals, call them dairy farms)Yes, plastic has come to save the money in the modern world. Saving and being called as modern appear to be contrary. One who saves is not modern but I am a little confused here as it seems. People use plastics because of its durability? But are plastics really durable? Probably not … Leaders of political parties wish their banners and poster, and…, and handouts etc. to be made of plastics. They can not be washed out during rains. This is the reason why some political leaders wrap the whole city by plastic banners and posters and spread a layer of plastics on roads too, before they run a rally and address gathering of people in some good, vast and clean ground of the city. They can remain on place even after the election, or even after the death of the leader as deaths are certain but the longevities of plastics like other non- biodegradable waste (I don’t think that biodegradable plastics are commonly used, that too for banners and posters) is certain.

Those who burn “Putlas”( effigies) of some leaders at some particular “shmashan” (the place where dead bodies are burnt), don’t cause as much pollution as these plastic users do. By the way, let me tell you about this new shmashan- Every city in India or in any other democratic country as India (?) has a particular place where Putlas are burnt, just like the place where human dead bodies are burnt. It is the Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi, for example. Albert Ekka has been the great- great soldier and the whole Jharkhand, the new state of India, is indebted of his great deeds. A smart statue of the Great Soldier has been installed on the Chowk, and hence the place in called after his name. But what a tragedy! … The great Soldier, the God of Jharkhand, is now made to see the Putlas of leaders (of some high profile officers too, sometimes) being burnt before his eyes. And yes, the media men- the press photographers, now- TV- channel photographers also, rush to take a click or video graph the scene. Equally curious remain the people who burn the Putla. No sooner than a person ignites the dead body or Putla, the video camera starts, and other cameras too start their work. So this was about Putla –shmashan. Try to see, there must be one in your city also.One thing appears to be very strange in this case.A leader or an officer may belong to any religion but his effigy that is to be burnt belongs to only one religion- and that is the Hindu religion.I say so, because only Hindus burn dead bodies.

Going by these lines you may conclude that -some leaders are killed by the people many times before their real deaths, but they come up victorious in the next election and are garlanded by the similar people. Further they organize rallies and their people spread plastics.Not alone some leaders and their men are responsible for spreading plastics that cause deaths of cows- mostly of indigenous varieties; common people too contribute a lot in spreading plastics. Political parties come on the second place. Posters and banners of paper meant for spreading awareness about plastic pollution are kept in plastic bags and are carried to their destination in them. Plastics accompany men whereever they go, but don’t return. They wait for a cow to come and eat them and to die a plastic death. Plastic bags that remain unfortunate to reach to the stomach of a cow remain flying away here and there till they become heavy and remain calm at the same place like some wise persons of the modern world.

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