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Friday, October 2, 2009

M.P.Government slow in tiger conservation

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The reported cold response of government of Madhya Pradesh to several initiatives taken by the union government for tiger conservation appears unfortunate in view of vanishing tiger population in the country.The M.P. Government has been blamed of underutilizing the funds released by the union government’s Ministry of Environment and Forests for conservation of tigers. It is said that out of deaths of 72 tigers in the country 10 belonged to Madhya Pradesh alone and at least three of these died due to poaching as per the reports.

Ministry of Environment and Forests had issued an order to notify buffer areas under section 38 v of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 for various reserves. It has been reported that the notification was pending with the state in respect of the notification of core/ critical tiger habitat of Sanjai-Dubri tiger reserve. The tiger conservation plan submitted by the state government for only two reserves lacks information regarding the environment of buffer areas.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests has asked the states to constitute Reserved- Specific Tiger Foundation (TCF). The ministry, as per the reports says that the state government of Madhya Pradesh has so far constituted a single state level Tiger conservation Foundation instead of constituting the Reserve-Specific Tiger Conservation Foundation. There is no representation of local MLA, district panchayats, frontline staff of reserve and local eco-development committees in the governing body constituted by the government. The state was reportedly not serious regarding the case of extinction of tigers in Panna. It is yet to respond to the report of the special investigative team sent by the MoEF. It is reported that in view of the national ramifications of the extinction of tigers from Panna, the union ministry had recommended and issued permission to translocate four tigers to Bandhavgarh and handover the case of extinction of tigers to central bureau of investigation but the state government of Madhya Pradesh could not show progress in handing over the case.

The MoEF has mooted a tripartite memorandum of agreement to sign by the tiger states under a clause of which the directors of Tiger Reserves have been directed to be accountable for any lapse whatsoever. It is again reported that the state government has opposed this clause and has not signed the paper, reports The Hindu with reference to sharing of information with Mr. Jairam Ramesh, the Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests during his last visit in Bhopal(report September 30, 2009).

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