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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Survey of poverty and livelihood launched in Delhi slums

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Preparation of a comprehensive database of slum areas is necessary for the government willing to formulate a plan of work and to undertake a programme for development of its habitants.
In view of the above, the Delhi Urban Development Authority launched a detailed and comprehensive survey of slums programme on September 29, 2009 as per the direction of the Union Ministry of Nourishing and Urban Poverty Alleviation. The survey is planned to incorporate profiling of slums, poverty and livelihood in slum clusters that are spread over nine districts of Delhi.

Slum- clusters like this are spread over nine districts of Delhi- the Capital City of India

As the government is inclined to ensure basic services to the urban poor and integrate housing and slum programmes under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

The schedules of enquiry made under the extensive and comprehensive survey work include general information of slum areas, profile of urban local body, detailed household and livelihood survey including socio-economic descriptions etc.
Surveyors have to fill up a detailed inventory questionnaire which has been developed by the Union Government. These questionnaires are to be processed with information technology techniques.
The Government of Delhi has planned to develop designs and data base of slums, poverty and livelihood profiles on the basis of data received through these surveys. The basic aim behind preparing the detailed and comprehensive data base of slums is to ensure that benefits on the basic services intended for the urban poor reached them in the 63 identified cities. It is through this comprehensive data base that law and order situations can be kept well in control and administration can take its course at the time of urgent need.

It is important to note that development of slums in and around modern cities has been creating big problems of law and order, and of environment and sanitation including spread of diseases due to the lack of social amenities etc. On the other hand sometimes it becomes too difficult to trace out criminals hidden in the slums after committing crimes in major parts of cities.

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