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Thursday, November 26, 2009

First victims of climate change

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Talks on the global issue of climate change have gained sufficient momentum so far and it may be expected that a great momentum may transform a great quantum of potential energy to do some great work in its direction. But, exceptions may continue till the talks continue. Not all countries, developed and the developing, have equal will powers and determinations, plans and strategies to crack the nut.

Under these conditions nothing sure in respect of time and level can be expected in the near future. On the remote ends of the world the poor including tribal and scheduled castes that neither pollute nor talk, rather who don’t know even about the problem have been unknowingly suffering from it for more than a decade.

The poor have to suffer first when their lands are acquired for any mini- or mega project. Though they usually don’t get any benefit from such projects, they are forced to migrate elsewhere loosing the resources they traditionally depended on from generations. What they get are permanent suffering and long- sometimes lifelong struggle for rehabilitation, in spite of excellent planning and formulation presented in the government papers. They cannot derive benefits from forests nor can they rear goats and sheep to sustain them due to the disappearance of the village commons. The common lands gave already been donated by the government to the certified poor. The poor with some land have already punished by the green revolution. The white revolution too, could do no help to them as the rich and affluent jumped into the milk business with exotic and high yielding cows and buffaloes. The desi cow remained their companion and gradually they became too resource less to keep them well. The poor cow was sold to the butcher.

The poor have always been non-contributors or fewer contributors to carbon emission but still they have to suffer due to changes in the climate. They have always been punished for the mistakes of others, so here is no wonder if they are first sufferers of the impacts of climate change. The sources of livelihood of these people have already been squeezed and the climate change has taken the form of double punishment in spite of the fact that others are guilty.
The tribal communities inhabiting remote villages have been reported to face gradual drying up of sources of their livelihood, and springs due to climate change. Drying up of springs and failures of monsoons has reduced the flow of water in the Baitarani River in Orissa. The drying up of glaciers in Himalayan region has already put a number of communities living along hill slopes. Drought in Palamu region of Jharkhand has already killed a number of cattle due to the lack of fodder and water. A number of children have been reported to die off hunger and mal nutrition I this region and also in many other regions of the state. The unequal distribution of monsoon in many areas of different Indian states, have resulted into droughts and floods for last four to five years.

The Civil Society Coalition of Climate Justice and Equitable Development, eastern region have documented some of the serious impacts of climate change on marginalized sections of the people. The condition of the poor inhabiting remote areas of Jharkhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh etc. has been found to be tragic. Thus poor are the first sufferers of changes in the environment though they are the least responsible people for such changes.

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