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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Importance of Sida or the tea weed for animals

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Sida or the tea weed can be grown as a forage crop for herbivores

Sida acuta or the tea weed is combined with clovers to create a yearlong resource of forage for deer and other herbivores. Tea weed plots are maintained in some countries as part of wildlife management. This plant is considered to be a good source of nutrition. It is less expensive to manage and maintain compared to other forages as it reseeds itself every year.

Sida or the tea weed growing in the wild with its associates

Periodic mowing or light disking are recommended and fusillade herbicide can be sprayed to control grasses competing with sida. In Florida, Sida rhombifolia is identified as a native plant which provides food and cover to many species of wildlife.Deer use this plant as forage, however species of animals like quail, rabbits and young turkeys have been reported to use tea-weed areas for holding cover and food.

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