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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two faces of cruelty

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Cruelty has many faces. Disasters and other natural events are sometimes called as cruelty of nature. Nature in no way is cruel.Animals and birds too are not cruel in real sense of the term. In my opinion cruelty is found only in some human beings though being cruel is inhuman.Isn't it very strange that those doing such acts are called humans?

Some of our activities are sure to bring blame of being cruel, though these acts, for sure, are not done under any type of thought. Throwing plastic cans with eatable items can be regarded as act of cruelty as it can trap someone into great trouble.

Here are two pictures scanned earlier at different times from different sources are enough to show at least two faces of cruelty and the first one is the ugliest.

Picture -1

Picture -2

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