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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Story of a strayed tiger

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Here is a current report that a tiger has been straying away from Panna sanctuary of Madhya Pradesh (India) for more than 26 days. A team of about 70 personnel is tracking it day and night and even after tracking up to 250 km no trace of the animal could be seen. From the report it appears that the tiger was given all the democratic rights to move anywhere or to do anything as per the right to move and right to do. Isn’t it a good report? After Human Rights there must be Animal Rights, and it seems that authorities of the sanctuary knew it better and believed in it to the final capacity of their intelligence. Anyway, let us continue the report.

Wildlife authorities explain that that the animal may be moving towards Pench, its earlier home. It is again good. The team of 70 personnel should go and stand at the gate of Pench ready to catch the stripped cat whenever it reached there. But how can the team assume that the tiger will not kill anyone while it is on its way to Pench, and so the team is tracking it. Since the tiger knows that the team is already out in its search, it cannot dare to attack any one coming in its way. Thus it may be presumed that the tiger has not killed even a rat through the long distance of 250km.

It has already been reported that Panna sanctuary was once a proud owner of many tigers. But gradually, all of them vanished away, that too by poaching. Here you may enquire – poaching? What were authorities doing? The answer is very simple. You know the tiger is a very brave animal. If it can not defend itself from poachers, how can wildlife authorities protect it? They are mere human beings without arms, probably even of the Stone Age. The report further reads that in view of repopulating the sanctuary with the species wildlife authorities shifted two tigresses to the sanctuary after lifting them from Bhandhawgarh and Kanha tiger reserves. In October, 2009 a male tiger was picked up from the fringes of Pench tiger reserve and moved to Panna. Thus a single male tiger was forced to manage two tigresses. Keeping mercy on it, the wildlife authorities decided to shift another male tiger from somewhere up to March 2010. Now, a sanctuary where poachers have been so strong that they could already remove the tiger population from Pench, how can a new tiger be relocated to it without ensuring that the sanctuary was free from poachers. Let us assume that all the poachers have been arrested and put into jail under lifelong imprisonment, though no such law is known to me, and the boundary of the sanctuary have been made tiger proof, how could the naughty tiger manage to escape out of the sanctuary?

Now, as the report reveals Chief Wildlife Warden is of the opinion that relocation of any tiger to Pench is not possible until the stray tiger is not re-picked. In public opinion he should instead try to transfer the current inhabitants i.e. two tigress to some other Park or sanctuary until the dangers from poachers are not neutralized completely.
The strayed tiger deserves a number of blames from wildlife staff who report that the tiger was a naughty creature with straying behavior as the same could not establish a territory even when it was in Pench and always walked towards fringes. It had killed 2 to 8 cattle for which wildlife authorities had to pay compensations to villagers. The officials fear that the stray tiger may not endanger its own life by coming in contact with humans. In public opinion, this is the maximum possibility and the authorities have a good experience of it.

Officials from the National Tiger Conservation Authority, has asked the central and state governments to trap the tiger and keep in an enclosure for soft release only when it is fully acclimatized with the habitat.

It is important to note here that Madhya Pradesh was once proud owner of a long number of tigers. But it started gradually loosing its tigers and after a short period, it became empty. The sanctuary is alleged to carry out its plans in haste ignoring basic norms.

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