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Saturday, January 2, 2010

... ... and so happens with humans too.

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Some birds show behaviours very similar to those of human beings.I have been observing the behaviours of two pigeons- one male and the other female.As many birds prefer to live in pairs and spend life like the married life of a couple, these pigeons too.The male tries to please the female and the female takes the responsibility of hatching the eggs and rearing the young ones.For making nests, the female searches a safe and suitable place and takes the responsibility of building it as per the design in her mind. The male is not a good designer, so it brings nesting material and transfers to the female sitting at the site.In spite of all the love and care between the two conflicts emerge, and sometimes it so happens that both get separated from each other.It appears that a female likes a sacred monogamous life while a male can not be a faithful being always.In the present observation it has been found that this type of behaviour is not at all tolerated by the female and she decides to leave.The male does not care and moves away with his new partner. However, the female has a deep regard for her past relation and lives alone. When a favourable season comes, she joins her friend and tries to renew her relationship with the same partner with new visions and new decisions.But, can the male be trustworthy  this time at least?See for yourself the story told by these images.

Image : 1

Image : 2

Image : 3

Image: 4

Image : 5

Image: 6

Image: 7

Image: 8

Image : 9

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