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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chemicals in our daily life

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Three-four decades ago domestic cleaning of utensils was done by rubbing pots with sand and jute, ash and some rough clothy material, or just by soil and grass. Pots in those days were not so advanced technically and pressure cookers were hard to find at least in small towns and villages. However, people were quite easy and comfortable in those days too as they are today. One thing that I observe, may it be my own observation and not all may agree to me, people today are suffering from more stomach troubles that they had to in earlier days. Most of the people complain about gas trouble in their stomach, constipation, belching and heart burning.

chemicals in everyday life

Problems of some people may be related with specific life styles, but of others may surely be related to excessive use of washing powders and detergents. There are numerous other health problems also that are connected to excessive use of chemicals in our day to day life.

The application of cleaning powders and detergents is increasing at fast rate in today’s developing world. There were 27 to 30 brands of washing powders in India about ten years ago. But today the number has increased up to 65 or more. More than three crore rupees are spent daily merely on soaps and detergents for washing clothes in India. Availability of washing machines has raised the frequency of cleaning and we go on cleaning even those clothes that are not otherwise needed for washing.

More and more detergents are thus being used and more and more water is wasted in this practice. Rather we can say that more and more water is being released after being intoxicated in our houses through washing and cleaning.

The figure of consumption of cleaning chemicals is second largest in the world.

Increasing use of detergents for washing utensils is causing further problems related to health and environment. The residues that are left on utensils due to careless washing cause oral toxicity in human beings. Even careful washing can not remove cent per cent of these residues from utensils. Yes, though rubbing dried vessels after washing by cotton clothes may help to some extent.

Use of chemicals for exterminating cockroaches’ ants and termites is now a regular practice. The accidental inhalation of these chemicals causes dizziness, nausea, breathlessness and fainting, Mosquito coils and mats contain pesticides. The inhalation of gases produced on their heating cause’s allergic cough and throat irritation. There are pesticide residues in food grains and mothers’ milk. These residues cause birth defects and poor child developments Hair dyes and face-skin tightening creams are popularly used in beauty parlors. Synthetic hair dyes cause carcinogenesis and even cancer. Face-skin tightening creams are popularly used in beauty parlors and have very high levels of mercury, lead and arsenic in them. These chemicals are absorbed in body and can cause kidney diseases and may cause damage to central nervous system.

The eatable items kept in plastic bags contain phthalates in them. Thus they don’t remain fit for eating. If eaten frequently, these chemicals cause serious health defects in our bodies. Even over the counter medicines that people often consume cause serious defects of kidneys, stomach, and urinary systems. In fact, kidneys have been structured to filter some specific by products produced in our bodies during metabolic reactions. When these are forced to filter out different items they get damaged soon. Residues of antibiotic medicines, urea and sugars damage our kidneys when these are to be filtered out from our bodies. So it may be concluded that natural ways and care can protect us from the seriously harmful impacts of these chemicals on our bodies.

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