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Monday, January 25, 2010

Laser Printers and Copiers emit ozone in your offices

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Most of us know it very well that a thick layer of ozone surrounds our earth in its atmosphere, and protects the earth against the exposure of ultraviolet radiations coming towards the earth from the sun. Since ultra violet radiations can produce seriously harmful and sometimes injurious effects on the life forms inhabiting the earth, the ozone layer is very important. Some say that it is the protective umbrella of the earth. But, ozone if found near the surface of the earth, is considered very harmful. Rather, one may call it a serious pollutant. Hence, detection of ozone if it is present near the earth surface is very important.

Ozone can be detected by ozone sensors manufactured by some technically advanced organisations. A highly sensitive, portable, miniature and mobile ozone sensor has been developed by scientists to identify ozone in air, water, and near some gases that remain explosive by nature. The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics, Germany has been working on a project for manufacturing such mobile ozone sensors. According to the Project Manager of the Institute Volker Cimalla, ozone is an agent with high application potential. Hence ozone sensors are important to detect it. If compact and affordable, such a sensor may have added advantage.

It is important to note that ozone is emitted mainly from some industries and transport sectors. During summers or in warm conditions emissions from industries and transport react with intense ultra violet radiations and form ozone near the ground. The laser printers and copiers employed in most of the offices emit greater volumes of ozone on ground level. Here, it is again important to note that ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent and can cause a wide range of symptoms in human beings that include irritation of mucus membranes in the buccal layers, throat and bronchial tubes; headaches, coughing, and even damage to lungs. It is due to above harmful effects that ozone content of air in any particular area should be measured and monitored regularly by trained and expert persons. For it, the ozone sensors are very important.

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