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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One who is hungry, can eat anything !

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With increasing urbanisation, grasslands and pastures are hard to find. Multi storied buildings are occupying most of the green lands and crop fields. These grazers once used to graze in the land where this multi storied construction is yet to be completed within next few months. However,a number of shops and institutions have been started in this building.No grass can grow now.

What is available for these grazers are low pasted posters. The ink on these posters and the synthetic paste applied on these are toxic. Certainly, the stuff is not eatable to even goats who are famous to eat anything, mostly of plant origin. But what can be done. The cattle owner is care free as these goats will come back to him. If you are not at all worried about the health of this goat, just think about the milk produced by the lactating goat, and yes, about them who eat meat! One lesson can business people derive from these pictures - don't paste advertisements on low posts or goats may eat them.

Pict. 1

Pict. 2

Pict. 3

Pict. 4

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