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Friday, February 26, 2010

A girl that she was

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Neelu’s father scolded her again today. In the early morning when she asked him to bring the application form for two or three engineering entrance tests, he got furious.

“ I have said you can apply for IIT only, and since I am not to allow you take admission here and there, how dare you think like this? Infact, you are not sure about your success as you don’t study properly, and this is the reason why your mind is wandering towards easy choices. You are not made for good places. Do the household works properly, take care of your grand father and let me carry on household affairs. I have already squandered lots of money for your applications. You apply, spend my hard earned money and forget that you have to appear in the exams also.”

No sooner than she opened her mouth to speak something in her defence, he hit him on the back and she fell  down.He left out for office leaving her on the floor in fear and pains.

“I don’t wish to live any longer as my life is meaningless now. I have spotted a place on the top floor of this building and I will do it soon. I used to say my mother that I will die off soon after you leave me. See, years have passed and still I am living without a mother.” She explained all this in anxiety with  Tunju, her only class friend in the institute.

Tunju tried to encourage emergence of positive feelings in her friend but she was horrified to see the colour of her face and the fire in her eyes, though full of tears. She experienced for the first time how hard it could be to console a friend of the same age when she had decided to leave the world. She could not think of anything. Finally she decided to talk to Vikas Sir, Mr. Vikas Varun Padukon- her Chemistry Teacher  in the institute and she told him everything taking his assurance that he would not disclose anything about the earlier story, and he assured her.Then he went in his chamber and started dialing the telephone number of Neelu he had noted from Tunju.

After two hours, the teacher came to Tunju with a smiling face. He said,” Now she is better, nothing is going to happen. These fathers …” He wanted to speak something unpleasant about Neelu’s father but stopped.
“Just telephone her and observe the change of her mood.” The teacher said.

“Okay Sir, I am trying” Said Tunju and she telephoned her. Fresh and lively sound came from the next end. Neelu was saying, “Don’t you know, Vikas Sir telephoned me. Didn’t you mention anything about me to him earlier?"

“Oh no yar!  Why should I convey him the innate feelings of my best friend, though you may know I am in a very bad condition since you told me all that? ... Could I do that? But, where from the teacher got your number?”
“ May be my landline number in his cell phone. Probably I have talked to him once or twice earlier. But, now I have decided to bring out my best at any cost. Now I have to become a strong and self dependent girl and I think I can. Do you know? … My mom does something from heaven whenever I fall in great sorrow. See, again she did something.”

“What something?” I asked.

“Activating Vikas Sir to talk to me… ‘t was really strange yar… almost unimaginable. I am happy to receive phone of such a great and ideal teacher, now I am not going to do all that rubbish I had thought. Now, I have to stand and face the challenges of life.” She said bravely.
Tunju  was re leaved.

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