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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jairam Ramesh inaugurates a new tiger reserve

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Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests Mr. Jairam Ramesh inaugurated the Perambikulam Tiger Reserve at Anapadi, Palakkad in Kerala. It is 38th Tiger Reserve in India and 2nd in Kerala.
The inauguration was decided after a report related to sighting of five tigers close to the tourism zone in the Perambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary in the first week of February by a famous forest watcher Srinivasan who presented photographs of tigers to the minister who decided to declare the sanctuary a tiger reserve on 19 February 2010.

Perambikulam Tiger Reserve is home to an estimated 15 tigers. The estimation has been done through last tiger census using pug mark identification technique.

Image :1 -The foot print of the great : The pug mark of a tiger

Image: 2 - The Perambikulam Tiger Reserve

The 390.89 sq km of the Perambikulam forest has now been declared the core area of the new reserve and 252.77 sq km area has now been declared as its buffer zone – reports The Hindu in its 19 February issue.

In the forests of South India it is difficult for even a most diligent watcher to sight a tiger because of rich vegetation and body features of a tiger. Sighting a tiger in the wild is very difficult because of its high degree of morphological adaptations and its solitary nature. Each tiger moves within its own well demarcated range not allowed for trespassing by other tiger. Tigers can be seen together only during mating season or when the cubs remain too young to leave the mother. However, the forest watcher Srinivasan has reportedly sighted five tigers together in the Perambikulam forests with the wildlife photographer Mr. N.A. Nasir.

The first tiger reserve of Kerala- the Periyar Tiger Reserve is situated in Thekkadi in Idukki district. Earlier, the tiger reserve at Perambikulam was known as the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary when it was set up in 1973 in a 285-sq-km protected area in Chittur area of Palakkad. 

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