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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Truth about Tigers- the documentary by Shekhar Dattatri

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“The Truth about Tigers” is another strong effort in the area of generating awareness about the conservation of wildlife. This strong effort is the documentary by renowned wildlife film maker Shekhar Dattatri. The film was screened at Henry Moudslay Hall of Anna University, Chennai, India at 3.30 p.m. on April 15.

The documentary of 40 minutes- The Truth about Tigers is a compilation of a number of footages shot by skilled wildlife cinematographers. The film explains about the ecology of tigers, the condition of its decline and possible solutions to the problem. It is efficient to sensitise the viewers about the importance of tigers in the environment and its conservation.

The screening of the film was followed by an activity of signing a petition urging the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister to take up appropriate measures to protect the population of tigers. The Vice- Chancellor of Anna University Chennai has been reported to have been the first person to sign the petition. The Department of Media Sciences of Anna University, Chennai was the organizer of the event.

Image:1,2, &3 from The Hindu (young world)
About the film
The film starts with the attack of a tiger on a deer to prove the law of the Survival of the fittest. The film shows different stages that come in the life of a tiger; its behavior, mating styles; old age problems and different forms of death. It underlined the greatest danger to tiger population from man. The film unfolds all possible causes of death of tigers that are territorial fights, resulting wounds, disease, and poaching. Piles of bones of tigers, its skins, and Chinese shops weighing out portions of tiger organs have been shown in the documentary. The film shows that there is a heavy demand of tiger bones for making medicines, its skin, and other body parts for heavy prices in the international markets. Poachers move freely in the country due to money power as they can hire a lawyer on even highest fees.

A collective effort for the protection of tigers is necessary as this can not be done properly through individual efforts. Through collective efforts we can make a difference and can protect it from the dangers of extinction. Some of the solutions to the problem of decline of population of tigers as suggested by the film are –

§  Writing and signing letters and sending these letters to the government asking to take up more effective measures for the protection of tiger.

§  Sharing of information with friends, parents, adults and of course with experts and environmentalists.

§  Remaining watchful for any activity that may harm tigers.

§  Generating awareness about tiger, its life styles, vulnerability factors etc after proper study and visits.

Some important sources of study
o   Books on tigers by Jim Corbett
o   Tiger- The ultimate guide by Valmik Thapar
o   Way of the tiger by Dr. K. Ullas

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