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Friday, May 7, 2010

Government inclined to develop areas reserved for its wildlife in Jharkhand

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The Central Ministry for Environment and Forests supports states for protection, conservation and propagation of wildlife and provides funds from time to time. But, it is up to states to take up appropriate steps at appropriate times and utilize funds provided by the Central Government in judicious manner. In most of the cases it has been reported that right steps are not taken up at right times and funds are not utilized judiciously. Some reports reveal that middle men and contractors often eat away major parts of funds creating hurdles in the way of implementation of a project.

In the recent report it has been revealed that the government of Jharkhand has planned to spend crores of rupees in the development of habitats for its wild animals. For this the Central Government has reportedly sent more than one crore rupees and the state has planned to spend the money for tightening the security measures and development of its parks, reserves and sanctuaries. However, nothing has come visible reportedly on ground level.
It is further reported that an amount of rupees 25.33 lakh has been sanctioned for the development of Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary. An amount of about 18 lakh has already been provided for this purpose from the center. It is important to note that Dalma is a principal sanctuary for elephants of Jharkhand. It offers habitats to vast varieties of animals and birds that always remain at the target of Vishu Shikar organized traditionally by local tribals and the state department of Environment and Forests has to face numerous types of difficulties in protecting it during the festival period. The department has been working hard for installing electric fencing around the core zone and making proper arrangements to ensure sufficient food to elephants.

The other areas of wildlife conservation of the state for the development of which the state has received funds from the central government are for the development of different parks and sanctuaries like Hajaribagh National Park (Rs. 17 lakh); Mahuatand Woolf Sanctuary(Rs. 13 lakh); Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary(Rs. 7.60 lakh); Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary(Rs. 11.19 lakh); Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary(Rs. 6.64 lakh); Parash Nath Wildlife Sanctuary(Rs. 8.36 lakh); Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary(Rs. 7.29 lakh); Palkot Wildlife Sanctuary(Rs. 13.71 lakh). It has been reported through local media that major part of funds have already been received by the funding authority and now it is up to concerned authorities to upgrade the reserved wildlife habitats as desired.

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