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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why do all the mothers tend to do so?

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My grandmother was a great religious lady. She used to pray Gods and Goddesses and used to remain on religious fast during most of the auspicious days as per her traditional calendar of which she had a good knowledge. However, she never went to a temple. She used to say that all the Gods and Goddesses live with us in our homes and we just need to worship them.

We had a great faith in her worship and most of the time when we felt problems we requested her to pray God to solve our problems, and no sooner than anyone or us made a request, she started praying one of her Gods. We used to be amazed to see that our problems were solved. As a child, whenever it started raining in the morning hour during my school time I used to become very sad as the rains might not allow me to go to school or to reach there in time. But soon I used to request my grand mother to ask her god to do something to stop the rain so as to make me able to go to school. The grand mother having oceans of love for me, used to start her prayer and to my amazement her God used to help stop the rain to facilitate my movement to school.

Now let me describe about her religious fasting. She used to remain on religious fast and unlike today’s fasters; she could never get any fruit or other eatable item that could be purchased from the market. She used to prepare her own specific dishes to eat during those periods.
Most often she used to cook Bakle-dal for her to eat during her fasts. Being children, we used to eat away most of her bakla –dal (the broad bean) and most of the time a minor quantity used to be left by us in her share. Today as she is no more, I feel very sorry on my greedy behavior at that time. I could not see her when she died as I was studying in my M.Sc. final year in a college of a city of Uttar Pradesh, India and my parents could not or did not inform me in time. People say that she died while talking to one of our relatives, and that she had no disease at all.

Image:1 Broad bean

Image : 2 Pods of Bakala

Medical facilities were very rare in my village at that time and my parents were not so thoughtful to think about side effects of frequent fasts, nor had they been aware of blood pressure etc. The voices of her pain and agony could never reach to me in the city and I was so busy in my useless studies that I could never think about her health. She wanted to make me a great officer and used to say like this when I was a child. In the city I always kept her dreams in my mind and always tried to become a grand son of her dreams but the news of her sudden death had broken me to pieces. Still today I am very sorry to feel that I could not make her dream to come true.

Today, I try to stop my wife against going on a fast during any one of many religious occasions and try my best to arrange fruits etc during her fasts. My children are not as greedy as I used to be in my childhood but to their benefit she remains very generous to make them eat away most of the fruits as “Prasad”. Why do all the mothers tend to do so?

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