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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Japan created Noby – a new humanoid robot

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Japanese scientists under a broad project of creating robots have already developed M3-Kindy and M3-Neony early this year and back. This time they have created a baby robot named Noby to simulate a real infant to understand learning and growth processes in babies.

The development of Noby has been led by a professor of Tokyo University named Yasuo Kuniyoshi with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

Noby means a baby of nine months. It contains 600 sensors in its body. These sensors are connected for sensory activities like feeling of touch, vision and hearing. For vision and hearing Noby has been equipped with cameras and microphones. The robot is hooked up to a powerful computer.




Image-1,2 and 3 Noby the infant robot created by Japan

The project of creating humanoids is headed by a Professor of Robotics Engineering Minoru Asada of Osaka University. It is funded by Japanese Science and Technology Agency which is supported by the Government of Japan.

The earlier creation of the project M3-Kindy is a “Man made Man” which represents the size of a five year old child, and the Kindy – the Kindergarten boy. These robots can walk hand in hand with a person. The project has also created Neony – a robot representing a new borne baby which can mimic a new borne child.
The “nine months old baby” – the Noby is 71cm tall, and 9kg in weight. Its skin has been made of soft urethane. Its body organs have joints similar to those of a baby of 9 months and its entire joints move in a fashion similar to that of the baby. The robot is created through such ways that scientists can modify their software in case of undesired activities by the robot. It is also reported that researchers can load their software in case of undesired activities by the robot to observe changes in its behavior that can be compared with those of real children.

Image 4: Japan created child robot M3 Neony

Images Courtessy JAPANORAMA, DVICE

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