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Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the Fathers' Day

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A father’s confession - on Fathers’ Day

20th June, the Fathers’ Day is overhead. Happy … because I too am a father. Yes, father of one son and two daughters. Rather more proud … as I have two daughters. In my opinion, a man having daughters or at least one daughter is more blessed. Those who don’t have daughter(s), need not worry or think themselves unfortunate. They can adopt a girl child as their daughter or at least they can love all the girls like their own daughters and can remain always ready to help and support them. This is how they too can remain always more proud than a man like me.

I love my son and daughters without any distinction. I have always worked hard to earn sufficient money for their upbringing, for their proper schooling etc. as every ordinary man of my standard can do. But I failed many times.

I failed for the first time when I had to borrow one hundred rupees to pay a local unruly young man (man, I call him very shamefully) to pay as Chanda for Durga Pooja due to fear from him while I did not dare to borrow for proper treatment of my sick daughter to pay fee for a doctor and I managed her sickness by borrowing over the counter medicines from a local medicine.

I failed second time when once I could not pay the school fee for my younger daughter in time. The cruel principal of the public school, though being a lady, had stuck a label on her top after writing on the same  -“ I have not paid my school fees for the previous month”… and my heart broke into pieces when I saw my daughter coming home in that condition … weeping all the way from school to our rented house. I can die sooner or later but I can not forget that tragedy that was caused due to my failure.

To meet the expenses, I started writing day and night and now I cannot imagine how fifteen years of my life passed away. Now I am an author of more than twenty five books. With the meagre amount of royalty my publishers pay at the end of the year and with my salaries, I try to bring up my family.

The only son is in the 3rd year of his engineering and the elder daughter is doing M.Sc. together with her morning classes of Journalism and Mass Communication. She has secured more than 80 percent marks in all her examinations and wishes to become a scientist. The younger daughter who has secured more than 95 percent marks in school examinations and more than 92 percent in I.Sc. examinations, has now qualified for admission in engineering.

Day and night I pray for wellbeing of my children and for their secure future. If all of them stand firmly with high academic, physical and mental abilities equipped and decorated properly with high morals and values, I will be able to think myself a successful man, though after many failures.

In our childhood we did not know about such days, but from our children now I do come to know about all these. We are living with my father. I have a home far away, but I but I did not leave my parents there in their old age. My mother is no more. Earlier she too was with us. The far away parental home is locked. I don’t get time to move up to there as my father is 85 now. We have to take care of him. Thus every day of my life now is – the Father’s Day together with day of others of my family.

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