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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chhoti Duddhi: the great medicinal herb of the wild

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Chhoti duddhi - an innocent and humble plant that grows attached to the ground is called as Euphorbia thymifolia Linn. grows in the wild with the first monsoon showers. It is a great medicinal herb.

Medicinal and Ethnoherbological Applications of Euphorbia thymifolia

1. Extract of the plant is used for the treatment of Acute bacillary dysentery, enteritis, diarrhea

2. It is used in Anaphylactic dermatitis, eczema,and  skin pruritus

3. Poultices of leaves to counteract effects of snake bites.

4. Latex used for corneal opacities.

5. Juice of powdered plants mixed with wine for venomous bites;

6. Its extract is mixed with ammonium chloride and is used for dandruff and ringworm.

7. Root decoction for amenorrhea.

8. Poultice of leaves applied to areas of dislocated bones.

9. Dried leaves are used for the treatment of asthma.

10. Fresh leaves are  used as ingredient in vegetable soup for diarrhea, bleeding hemorrhoids etc.

11. Its extract if taken internally acts as antihelmintic.

12. Its latex is used for the treatment of ringworm, dandruff, and boils

13. The extract of its roots is used for the treatment of amenorrhea

14. Its leaves, seeds and latex are used as purgative.

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