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Monday, July 12, 2010

Rescue of a baby pigeon

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Image 1 : The rescued baby  pigeon

Pigeon or the rock pigeon which is biologically known as Columba livia is widespread and very common resident of India. It is also called as Rock dove or Feral Pigeon. Its size ranges from 32 to 35 cm. Its wing spawn is 66 to 75 cm and its average weight is 279 to 400 gm.

Image 2: A typical Rock pigeon

Columba livia has grayish head, green and purple band on neck and throat, light grey coloured back and belly, pale grey wings and two dark wing bars. The tail of this bird id light grey and legs are pink in colour.
Pigeons are very friendly. They easily start to believe even human beings. Most of the human beings love them too and offer them feeds in the morning. Thus a feeding post or area for pigeons is formed where hundreds of pigeons assemble every day.

Some religious people and      Hindus belonging to Marwari and Jain community have special affection for these birds. This is the reason people belonging to these communities keep pigeon feeds in store where pigeons live most of the time.

In Indian villages many pigeon lovers, most of whom remain farmers keep pitchers with holes in them on the branches of some trees so as to attract pigeons. They are of the opinion that pigeons bring peace and prosperity in a family where they live and take food.

Pigeons are very humble birds and offer due regards to the birds of other species. Owls and crows are their wicked enemies. But the greatest enemies of pigeons too are humans. Among religious and bird loving community of humans such type of human are found to live who kill and eat pigeons. Such people silently go to their nests and catch them mercilessly. After that they damage their wings and leave them on the ground in serious pains. When they get time they kill them and do what they used to.

In my opinion killing and eating pigeons is a vicious habit. There are many types of things in the world that a man can eat. Pigeons beautify our campuses; eat seeds lying scattered on the ground. Even the minutest seeds that we can not see through our simple eyes are seen by pigeons.

 Pigeons never harm any one either humans or birds. Rather they from an inseparable link in the local food chain of the ecosystem of a particular place. But, many human have never been friendly to them. Killing one, who comes to us with friendship in his eyes, is most cruel. There must be some law to punish such humans. But, though we have become more developed in terms of science and technology  and in many other terms as well; we are still most backward(please pardon me) in terms of morals and values.

 A valueless life is worth nothing. Loving and offering due regards to the existence of other creatures of God is loving and offering respect to the creator. If someone calls him religious, surely he may call like this, and tends to do such cruel acts as that of capturing a pigeon like a thief, killing it mercilessly and most cruelly and eating the same if there are plenty of eatables in the world, and even if there may be noting to eat; is unpardonable act.

Image 3

Image 4

Images 1, 3, and 4 : Different poses of the rescued pigeon

Today I became successful, by the God’s grace, in the rescue of a baby pigeon from the hands of a pigeon eater and tried my best to let it go and fly in the open sky. For this, I had to wait for a long time as the baby pigeon was injured and it needed some first aid, and probably its parents had lost hope of it and had flown elsewhere and did not come to it. At last the baby pigeon collected its energy and flew up to the branch of the nearby eucalyptus tree. I took a long breath and came home with a heavy heart. After all, now I am satisfied to think that the man can never catch it again.

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