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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Risk of Air Pollution for Morning Walkers

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Days have gone when people in urban areas preferred going on jogging or for a brisk morning walk. Many researchers are of the opinion that walking in the morning especially in urban areas dominated by slums is not only unsafe, it is harmful. It is harmful especially for the patients of asthma and other bronchial or respiratory disorders.

From early morning to late night vehicles of different makes creep on city roads emitting lots of pollutants that not only contaminate the horizontal atmosphere, they gradually move upwards. The pollutants contained in the air get deposited on dust particles forming acids. As the night moves towards morning these pollutants tend to settle down and move horizontally with the blowing morning air in which we walk in the morning.

Now, morning walkers in cities with less open and green spaces are bound to suffer as the morning air in these areas remain more contaminated than the evening air. People inhabiting slum areas start burning coal early in the morning and the whole area in the atmosphere above slums remains filled with the smoke that travels across the city through wind currents.

Most of the public schools open in the early morning. Each one of these school owns a good number of buses that ply through most of the roads of the city during early morning hours. Since roads in the early morning hours mostly remain empty these buses move through all of them it proper routes for them have not been defined by the city administration. These buses don’t care at all and move even through walking areas and create high levels of air pollution. It is very hazardous for morning walkers.

Many persons now have started evening walks. These people when enquired express their opinion that during evening hours the pollutants contained in the air remain in the trend of moving upwards till the air remains warm. But during morning they come down and move through the cold morning air close to the earth surface. Hence it is now always unsafe to walk in the morning if the morning ground is not located outside the city and there is not sufficient greenery all around.

While moving to Bhubaneswar in a train I approached the city area in the morning. My companion told me that the train was to take about thirty minutes more for reaching to the Bhubaneswar junction. It was summer of 2009 but the air outside was seen properly it use to remain during December month. I realized what I was told about the pollution of the morning air and the pain of morning walkers. Let us see some snaps.

Image 1

Image 2

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