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Friday, October 15, 2010

Adolescent girls’ anemia control week organized in Jharkhand

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In a mass scale hemoglobin test drive during Kishori Swasthya Saptah conducted by the state government, it has come to the notice of authorities that about 1 lakh 60 thousand and 647 girls in Jharkhand state of India are severely anemic.

It is important to note that every normal child should have the level of hemoglobin level in blood, not less than 11. A child with hemoglobin level below 11 is considered to be anemic. In Jharkhand, the pattern of anemia in girls and women of poor families have been found to be acute.

A total of 12 lakh 12 thousand 679 girls were reportedly registered during Kishori Swasthya Saptah out of which blood samples of 11 lakh 21 thousand 633 girls were tested for hemoglobin. From the reports of tests of samples, it was found that 8 lakh 22thousand 722 girls had 7 to 11 hemoglobin levels. The level was found lowerer than 7 in one lakh 60 thousand and 647 girls.

During the programme, 6,739 girls were referred to hospital for their treatment and recovery. 9, 48005 girls were given Albendazole tablets and 9667 girls were given anti-malaria medicines. The body mass index of 5, 34,242 girls was found below 20 to 25 while the same of 11, 97,599 girls was less than 20.

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