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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chief Minister serious to complete irrigation projects in Jharkhand

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Planning, assessment, arrangement of funds, execution and proper utilization of funds are key elements for the development of a state. Currently, it has been observed that Arjun Mnda, the Chief Minister of the newly constituted government after the President Rule in Jharkhand state of India, is willing to place the state on a fast track of development. Mr. Munda has submitted a requisition letter to the Planning Commission for the overall development of the state. He has also informed the commission about the plans on which his government wanted to work.

The Chief Minister has explained before the Planning Commission that his government wanted to establish a proper system together with the preparation of structural framework development and delivery mechanism but it needed roads. The government has made targets for all types of roads and the centre is required to provide special package for National Highway.

Stressing on Panchayati Raj System the Chief Minister has mentioned that Panchayats would do more work than blocks after the Panchayat elections. Plans like MANREGA would b shifted under Panchayats after their proper constitutions. The priorities of Indira Avas Yojna will also be fixed by Panchayats in future.

Development Framework
The Chief Minister has expressed that the infra structural development was not up to the desired level. The government is in a mood to discuss about all the plans during the discussion with the Planning Commission about the plan allocation for the financial years. The budget for the next year would be the last budget of the 11th Five Year Plan.

Limit of loans
The Chief Minister has reportedly requested the Planning Commission to enhance the limit of loans to the state so as to extend the financial cooperation towards a better development process. He has stressed that the Planning Board of state was to be remodeled. The commission should help the state with specialists and advisors. It is reported that the Government is wishing to organize a team of experts in state in this direction.

The Chief Minister has reportedly explained that completion of irrigation projects in the state would be the first priority of his government. About 25 or more projects are still pending in the state. Some of these projects are as old as 30 years, or even more. These are to be completed soon at a fast speed. It is expressed the matter at the Ranchi Airport with the media personalities on October 2, 2010.He told that the government was taking up suitable steps to combat drought in the state. He assured that the government would do its level best to combat the problem. He further told that the discussion with the planning commission had been positive.

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