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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rajasthan plans a new ecofriendly safari

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The Department of tourism, the Government of Rajasthan , plans to start an Ecofriendly - train Safari on Marwar Uday Pur metre gauge railway section falling in the biodiversity section of the Sanctuary of Todgarh Raoli. 

Rajasthan has already become successful in running luxury trains in the past. Here the Ghat section has been considered to be the highest track. It starts from Kamlighat and touches Opramghat, inside 4 sq km Todgarh Raoli sanctuary to reach Phulad. The train to the sanctuary comprises picturesque locations and rich flora and fauna in the lap of the Arawali Mountain.

Since the beauty of the area of Udaipur- Marwar junction metre gauge railway is very popular, it can be applied for the promotion of tourism. The experts have expressed their opinions that if an ecofriendly safari is introduced in this section, it is bound to b proved a good package.

As early as 75 years ago, Ion Harry Williams had carried out a survey after which the rail-line was laid down by the Maharana of Mewar who used it for his visits to Delhi to met the viceroy. The rail-line remained in continuous use after independence as a link between Marwar and Mewar. The entry point to Raoli Todgarh wildlife sanctuary had been an important station in the past and all the trains used to stop here for servicing.

The place Todgarh had been named after Colonel James Tod the author of “Annals and antiquities of Rajputana” which is still considered as an important reference book. The fauna of the sanctuary principally comprises leopards, sloth bear, Grey Jungle Fowl and some other important animals.

The design of the rail- track between Kamlighat and Phulad is “v” shaped and enables passengers visualize every object on their other arms. The area of 275 ha which falls in between the rail-track is planned due to which every object in the area can be visualized properly. The joint project of the Forest Department and the Indian railways is expected to provide tourism facilities besides making optimum use of available resources….

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