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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kanghi- the Abutilon in the wild

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Here are different poses of Kanghi plant which is taxonomically known as Abutilon sp.

Kanghi is a wild medicinal plant. Its botanical name is Abutilon indicum. It belongs to the family Malvaceae. Indian mallow or Abutilon is its common name. In Hindi it is locally known as Kanghi. It is found in sub-Himalayan tract and on hills up to a height of 1,200m and in hotter parts of India. It grows in many countries of the world. A list of its names in different languages is given here as under.

It is sweet in taste, cooling, digestive, laxative, expectorant, diuretic, astringent, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, demulcent and aphrodisiac. It is useful in gout, tuberculosis, ulcers, bleeding disorders, and worms. Decoction used in toothache and tender gums. Demulcents of leaves are locally applied to boils and ulcers. Roots are prescribed in fever, chest affection and urethrities.

List of common names in different languages -
Common Names in Arabic: hawk el ghanam
Common Names in Bosnian: Njemacka loza
Common Names in Chinese: Bai ma, Qing ma, Tang ma
Common Names in Croatian: Duga konoplja, Duga konopljika, Krstati sljez, Mracnjak, Veliki sljez
Common Names in Danish: Abutilonhamp, Kinajute
Common Names in Dutch: Abutilonhennep, Chinese jute
Common Names in English: Abutilon hemp, Abutilon-Hemp, American jute, American velvet leaf, Butter Print, Butterprint, Butterprint velvetleaf, Butterweed, Buttonweed, China Jute, China-Jute, Chingma jute, Chingma lantern, Cotton weed, Flower of an hour, Indian hemp, Indian Mallow, Indian-Mallow, Kingma jute, Pie maker, Swamp Chinese lantern, Tientsin-Jute, Velvet Leaf, Velvet-Leaf, Velvetleaf, Velvetleaf (Or Butterprint), Velvetleaf Indian Mallow, Velvetweed, Wild cotton
Common Names in French: Abutilon ordinaire, Chanvre d´abutilon, Fausse guimauve, Guimauve jaune, Jute de Chine, Jute de Manchourie, Jute de Tien-Tsin
Common Names in German: Abutilonhanf, Bastardeibish, Chinajute, Chinesische Jute, Chinesischer Hanf, Samtpappel, Tien-Tsin Jute
Common Names in Italian: Abutilo ordinario, Canapa d´abutilon, Canapa d´abutilone, Juta di Cina, Juta di Tien-Tsin, Malva gialla tessile
Common Names in Japanese: Hinaha giri, Ichibi, Kiri asa, Kiri-Asa, Kusa giri
Common Names in Portuguese: Cnhamo de abutilon, Falsa-Juta, Juta da China, Juta de Tien-Tsin
Common Names in Romanian: Pristolnic, Teişor
Common Names in Russian: канатник теофраста, Kanatnik Teofrasta
Common Names in Serbian: Lipica, eludarka, uti slez
Common Names in Slovenian: Barunovec, Podslnecnk Theofrastov, Rumeni slez
Common Names in Spanish: C��amo de abutiln, Malva blanca, Malva de terciopelo, Malva grande, Yute de China, Yute de Ching-Ma, Yute de King-Ma, Yute de la China, Yute de Tien-Tsin
Common Names in Swedish: Lindmalva
Common Names in Turkish:Hind keneviri, Manurya keneviri

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Key Words : Kanghi, Abutilon indicum, medicinal plant

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