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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The thirsty crow inside a good city hotel

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Crows, I think, are cleverer than other birds. They usually move around human habitations, play tricks, and around all left overs excluding hard grains.Like, all the other living beings, they drink water. But, being active and alert all the time they need more water and minerals. Minerals, they receive from food left overs.

Recent studies reveal that crows now a day are migrating towards cities. Why?....  Well, because rural ladies have left donating bread loaves to them. They can  talk on mobile phones with their husbands many times in a day. Now they don't have to establish any relationship with their post men, as letters have become uncommon things.So, crows have become irrelevant in rural settings these days. Let me mention that rural ladies used to welcome them as they were only  messengers who faithfully carried their messages to their husbands in those days. In return thy got loaves of breads.

With rising industrialization in cities, rural men migrated towards them in search of easy money. "Easy money" was not so easy though, they were rather satisfied with cities to villages. This, I can say on the basis of personal experiences. Whenever they came to villages, they used to boast a lot  and tell long stories of their bravery that they had shown in cities some times back. Nobody did ever tell about their original job that they used to do in cities. The communication revolution had yet to take speed. Radios (transister-sets) were just introduced, and if some one of them had been able to buy a radio,  he did not switch it off even for a minute. In the late night, even when some one woke up for some urgent need, he listened the music of radio coming to his ears from some distant place.

For relieving themselves, villagers had to go to crop-fields or waste-lands nearby villages. The radio owner used to carry his radio with him to the field and do his work for a long time, and till then the radio helped him come out of the problem.

Many cyclists too, carried their radios on in full volume, while cycling for some destinations.Radios were given with bicycle and finger-ring to newly wed grooms in those days. So, many adults kept on waiting for their marriage not more for a bride, but most for radio, cycle, and finger-ring. Radios remained their first choice, and if due to any reason the father of a girl could  not offer a radio to the groom, it often happened that the wedding-party returned back without the bride. But, radios could only be bought in those days by a family with someone earning hard many in some industrial town of the country.

Migration of villagers towards cities was not just because- agriculture could not pay enough. Rather, agriculture deserved negligence by them due to soil, mud, water and hard labour. A man working in a field had started thinking that it was a job of low category, and it was after the onset of green revolution with machines, pump sets, tube wells and markets etc. that agriculture could collect a little reputation.

Let us continue with crows. So, with rural men, crows too started migrating towards cities. Now in cities water bodies or accumulated water is hard to see. Water flows in deep drains and crows can not reach to the bottom of these drains. Drains, in good city-areas remain covered and water is hard to be seen. At some points rotten and ruptured pipes allow gallons of water to flow on road very wastefully but that water too remains unavailable to crows due to men, as men keep on moving on roads. Crows are cleaver, more than required. So they do not dare to drink water sitting on a place through which men move.

Now, most of the restaurants and hotels have some areas left neglected by high level people. However, these places remain much respected by waiters, cooks, servants and labourers. Such areas usually have water taps when the hotel remains new. The water taps get the "all time open" status after some time. And these places are searched out by crows- the researchers. This crow has searched out a source of water in the compound of a hotel in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand state of India. 

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