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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Anthill

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Ever type of organism tends to select some specific type of location for its residence. A lion selects a vast area for its living, feeding, breeding and movement and a jungle is the only appropriate area that it can select. Deer and zebra live in groups and roam in search of food for long distances. A jungle is a mega habitat. Ocean, river, lake, desert, grassland, crop field etc. are mega habitats. An animal selects its habitat as per its living systems.

A mega habitat usually contains a number of small areas where different types of species of organisms live, feed breed and move, and perform various types of activities. Organisms of these species remain confined in small areas as per their living systems. The lower most part of a decaying log of wood, a narrow empty space under a rock, undersides of barks of tree trunks etc. are small areas that provide shelter to numerous types of organisms.

Every type of organism has a persistent fear from its enemies while living in its habitat. So, every type of organism modifies itself or its habitat so as to escape from the vision and attack of its enemies. While doing so, it cares for the availability of most of the conditions necessary for life. Field rats collect and store wheat at secure places of their tunnels they dig inside the earth. Many children dig open rat holes in crop fields when the crops are harvested, and take away all the wheat stored by rats. Thus enemies of organisms, big or small, always have a human component in them. Humans are in fact great enemies of organisms say animals and of their habitats- say environment or nature.

Habitats may be natural or artificial. A jungle is a natural habitat which can not be developed or modified by lions or other jungle dwellers. Since lions can not do so, they are more prone to deaths and destruction and it is probably one strong reason which is responsible for their elimination. Artificial habitat of an organism does not mean that it is man- mad far man does not construct a habitat for a living being other than his personal interest. Artificial habitat, in the present context means – the habitat carefully architectured by organisms themselves with great effort. Such habitats are designed, developed and constructed through the collective efforts of the whole community at one place. Such a highly designed, intelligently architectured and wonderfully built habitat is Anthill.

Ants construct their habitat or the anthill with great vision, planning, efforts and labour. Ants go on digging the earth till they reach to the underground water level. In the mid ways there are different secure places for feeding, breeding and protecting the larvae. The main entrance to an anthill can not be predicted by an enemy of ants. Usually, there is a false entrance to an anthill to deceive enemies. But anthills are usually found in untrodden areas. Why? Because, ants too know that man is the greatest enemy of the whole nature, the greatest destroyer on this earth.

Anthill( Photographed by Prabhanshu Mishra)
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