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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Those tamarind trees

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There were five tamarind trees around my home in the village. Now there is none. The joint family that was in my childhood was disorganized when I joined my college and the partners sold all those trees to a coal trader. In my school days I used to collect ripe tamarind fruits with their shells broken at many places and the hard pulp coming out of them with hard seeds  we often used during some sort of child-play,  after releasing them out of our mouths making geometric faces during the time we chewed them.

Those tamarind trees were so huge and tall that we could not see their tops while standing under them and bending our heads back adjusting our eyes up at nearly an angle approaching right. Those trees provided pleasant shades during noons of hot summer days and cold wind during summer nights when we slept in the open. When we used to wake up in the early morning hours we used to see numerous leaflets and flower buds of tamarind trees lying on our beds. Those who did not wear shirts and slept half naked during hot sweating nights had a number of leaflets stuck to their bodies in the morning.I remained very fascinated with tamarind flowers with red and yellow colours.

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Those were the days when my all the uncles used to stay together and eat the food cooked in the same kitchen. But as time changed, interests differed and each one of them started conflicting talks at different points of time. It lead to partition in the house they shared together and the four uncles started eating their food in four different kitchens. As gaps among them kept on increasing they started occupying the common land around the main house in many different ways. I was studying in a college of my district town residing in a hostel and did not get enough time to visit home. Once after some months, when I left the town for home, I could not spot my house standing on the road where I had just stepped down from the bus. The tamarind trees that used to serve as identification marks of my house were not seen anywhere. When I reached home, I was greeted by my mother and while touching her feet I asked about the tamarind trees. My house was looking like a house in the midst of a   vast desert. Memories of my childhood got crowded in my mind and I was unable to feel the love of my mother even after  that  long time.

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