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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Earth- Dance of Tribals of Jharkhand

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The Earth Dance International,  Francisco, CA 94103 has written –

In 2010, Earthdance drew over 100,000 participants to the globally synchronized festival for peace – comprised of 100+ public events, 50+ private events, and even a virtual festival online! Plus, for the first time ever, Earthdance invited individuals to register for the Prayer for Peace on September 18th, 2010! Over 2,000 individuals registered to join in the synchronized prayer in spirit, along with tens of thousands more at public and private regional events from around the globe. Addressing the 2010 theme, Embracing All Traditions, all Earthdance events focused on causes that honor the patchwork of faiths and cultures that make up our human family. 

Impacting local change on a global scale, each official Earthdance event donates at least 50% of its profit to a local charity. In 2010 alone, Earthdance Global Festival for Peace benefited over 75 international charities for peace, sustainability, and/or social justice. As Earthdance events continue to grow each year, more and more local organizations are gaining traction and exposure in their communities.
The above was on A Global Festival for Peace. But here we are concerned about a unique dance system which is deeply enshrined in the life and culture of Jharkhand- tribals. Yes The Earth Dance in Jharkhand –Tribal ladies is performed to express every bit of pleasure and happiness that their God offers them. Peace and prayer for the World Peace; happiness and prayer for the world’s happiness; honesty and the prayer for human being to remain moral and honest is their way of life. They don’t select any particular time to pray for the World Peace and to perform the Earth Dance for it. The tribal people of Jharkhand about who it is said that their walking is dance and their talking is music – perform the Earth Dance on every happy moment in life. Prayer for the world peace – always! They worship Sun and Earth as they believe that the Mother Nature can only provide peace, wealth, health and happiness and … everything. Here is an image  being courteously presented for you.

The Earth -Dance being performed by tribal ladies of Jharkhand

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