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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Agri-business Management as a profession

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A major part of Indian Population is still dependent on agriculture. It is now concerned not alone with the crop production system, it is also concerned with many more areas and Agri-business Management is one of these.

In academic field, Agri-business Management is taught as a course of studies in various universities and institutes. Most of these courses are of post graduate level. Some institutes conduct diploma courses in Agri-business Management. Both of these courses comprise theoretical as well as experimental studies covering Agri-business Financial Management, Agri -supply Chain Management, Managerial Accounting and Control, Management of Agri-business Co-operative etc.

Professionals in Agri-business Management remain basically concerned with different resources connected with agricultural production like seed, agricultural implements, energy, food materials etc. and different services like processing, transportation, insurance, marketing etc.

Chances of employment
There are a number of sectors for Agri –business Managers. These are –Agriculture, Industry, Agriculture Consultancy, Agri –banking, Hightech Farming, Warehousing, Seeds and Pesticides, Industries of Food Processing, Fertilizers and Academic Sectors. Posts lying with these sectors are Plantation Manager, Quality Manager, Buyer, Agriculture Insurance Manager etc. NGOs working in the field of agriculture also need such professionals to work with.

Centres in India
Chandrasekhar Azad University of Technology, Kanpur; College of Agri-business Management(G.B.Pant University) Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand; College of Agri-business Management, Punjab Agriculture University, 
Ludhiana; Indian Institute of Management(IIM) Lucknow.

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