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Monday, May 2, 2011

India has 49 %of the world’s total malnourished children- reports survey

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In spite of plans and schemes run by the government to eradicate malnourishment, preventable malnourishment is prevalent among children across India. This condition came to be known after an extensive baseline survey by CRY (Child Rights and You), a non-government organisation and its partners. The baseline survey was conducted in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. The data compiled by the NGO revealed that government‘s Child Development Programmes had long gaps.

According to the survey statistics 40% of children in India are underweight and 45% are stunted. About 49% of the world’s malnourished children live in India. Of India’s total population 13.12 percent of malnourished children fall under the age of 0to6years.CRY is of the opinion that child deaths and diseases are entirely preventable with timely investment in terms of resources, staff and planning. The organisation claims that only 33 percent malnourished children in India have access to government programmes and facilities. More than 66 percent of slum children under the age of six have been reported to be malnourished.

A baseline survey has been conducted by Alliance for People’s Rights (APR)’ a partner of CRY in seven districts of Delhi. According to the survey report Delhi has 7,500 children between ages from 0to 6. Out of these 30 percent children are borne underweight and 63 percent are anemic. Fewer than 5 the mortality in urban children has been recorded 73.6 per 1000 births.

In Uttar Pradesh the survey report reveals that out of 29, 278, 2355 child population there, 85 percent are anemic, 41.6 percent are underweight. The infant mortality 667 in U.P. has been recorded highest in India. CRY recommends that the government should consider designing a robust, holistic food security Act.
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