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Friday, May 6, 2011

Life on earth

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Earth - the Unique Planet
Scientists are of the opinion that the life supporting conditions exist on the Earth only. Other planets of the universe don’t have all the conditions that favor and encourage the origin, development, multiplication and the evolution of life. This is why our earth is called as a Unique Planet of the Universe.

Life Zones
All the life on the earth is found in specific zones that contain all the life supporting conditions. These zones with all the life supporting conditions are called as Life Zones. Now, different life zones have different sets of life supporting conditions. This is the reason why different life zones are inhabited by different types of living beings – the microorganisms, plants, and animals including human beings. These organisms interact among themselves and with the nonliving things found around them continuously. It is through this interaction that the flow of energy and nutrients take place from individual to individual, and a balance is maintained continuously. This balance is called as the Balance in Nature.

The Balance and Imbalance in Nature
The Balance in Nature is maintained through various Natural Processes. But in modern times human beings are creating a number of hurdles in the ways of Natural Processes. The things of nature are being exploited, used or abused without any care or wisdom. Various types of alterations disturb the natural processes. As a result of this, the natural conditions in many parts of the world have gone imbalanced. To understand these balance and imbalance in nature let us study about different parts of our natural environment and many processes that go on through it continuously. Then we can understand the whole story of Balance in Nature in a proper way.

The Biosphere and Ecosystem
All the life zones of the earth together constitute the Biosphere. Now, what is this Biosphere? Well –
All the Life-Zones of the Earth comprising air, water and soil in which organisms live through interacting among themselves and with their physical environment is called as biosphere. The Biosphere is a set of THREE spheres – the Atmosphere; the Lithosphere; the Hydrosphere; and the Ecosphere. The life zone of air is called as Atmosphere; the life zone of water is called as Hydrosphere; the life zone of the earth and soil is called as Lithosphere; and the life zone affected by the conditions and factors of atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere is called as the Ecosphere. The whole set of Biosphere has been depicted in the schematic diagram below-

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