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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A National Environmental Appraisal and Monitoring Authority is to be set up ...

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A National Environmental Appraisal and Monitoring Authority to revamp the process of granting Environmental Clearance, is to be set up in India shortly.

The Environmental Appraisal Authority would help protect the ecology without supporting the system of license permit prevailing so far. This opinion was expressed by Dr. Manmohan Singh while he was speaking in an International Seminar on “Global Environmental and Disaster Management: Law and Society”.

Mr. Singh reportedly added that the authority after its formation could lead to a complete change in the process of granting environmental clearances. This authority will be equipped with dedicated staff and will work on full time basis to evolve better and more objective standards of scrutiny report news papers.

Speaking in the conference Dr. Singh added that the current technological developments would play important roles in addressing environmental concerns of the time. As per reports Mr. Singh said, “The task ahead is to design a system of intellectual property rights which provide adequate incentives to invest in the development of new environment friendly technologies and, at the same time, ensuring that these technologies become available to poor countries at affordable costs.

Mr. H.S. Kapadia, the Chief Justice of India who has also been reported to address the conference, called for a regulatory mechanism for appraisal and pricing of minerals. As per his suggestions – besides a monitoring mechanism in charge of appraisal of mining projects, there should also be a proper pricing mechanism. The mining sector is facing a big problem to pricing of exportable minerals. The excavated minerals should have a price- discovery mechanism. Chief Justice was of the opinion that it was due to differences between the royalty paid to the government and the amount they realize abroad, that illegal mining was continued under the nose in many states of the country.

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