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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ban on polythene bags in Jharkhand, India

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A welcome ban has been imposed on sale and use of polythene of less than 40 micron thickness by State Pollution Control Board, Jharkhand.
Any person found engaged in the production and use of polythene of thickness greater than the recommended, will be prosecuted.
The ban on the use of plastics or plastic materials for making packaging of gutkha, tobacco, tobacco products etc. has already been imposed in the state.CNN-IBN on March 03, 2011 wrote - Even as India waits for harsher pictorial warnings on all tobacco products - a new ban is put in place for plastic packaging of gutka.The Supreme Court's landmark decision to ban the use of plastic in sachets for storing or selling tobacco, gutkha and pan masala came into effect across the country from March 1 this year.
The ban on plastic wrappings as observed in Jharkhand state of India  had lead shortage and even black marketing of these materials for about some months and lastly paper packed materials appeared in the market. It is important to note that consumption of tobacco in the form of gutkha has reached to even remote parts of Jharkhand and in the city area greatest addiction can be observed among students. The government had already tried to impose a complete ban on gutkha but could not. However, the ban on plastic as a packaging material and carry bags is hoped to go for long time, and hence it is welcomed by environment lovers with hope and happiness.
Banned Materials
·        Bags and containers made of polythene of less than 40 micron thickness
·        Bags and containers made of recycled plastic
·        Packaging on gutkha and tobacco and products thereof.
·     Under Section 15 of Environment (Protection) Act 1986  – 5 years’ imprisonment and penalty worth rupees one lakh
·        In the disobedience of the rule, a fine of rupees five thousand per day.
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