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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bird Trade in Jharkhand, India

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Birds have been hunted for sports, meet, and fur since long. Habitat destruction, large scale use of pesticide mainly in agriculture, has contributed further to cause extinction of many species. Sparrows and many other birds have already occupied their places in the list of endangered species, and similar is the position of many birds other species across the world. Jharkhand state of India is gaining new name where the danger against lives of birds have suddenly raised up to great heights due to rising trade in rare and endangered bird species.

Different species of birds including rare, endangered and vulnerable are sold in fair, market places and on roadsides in most of the urban areas and rural markets. Some birds are sold for their meet where as other are sold for keeping them as pets. Some of the bird species are reportedly being hunted for smuggling outside the state and even beyond the boundary of the country. Even migratory birds are caught on a large scale and sold along with local birds. Some hunters use to walk with guns around water bodies and shoot birds for their taste.

Jharkhand has been identified as a big market for birds. People trap birds from forests, wet lands and crop fields and sell locally. It is reported that some small traders have links with big traders in Kolkata and Patna and sell birds to them. These big traders sell birds on high prices. Some birds like a grey headed parakeet which is a rare bird for not only this area but for the whole country is sold for rupees 200 to 400 per bird. The blossom headed parakeet costs rupees 150 to 300 per bird report local media. The black headed munia costs rupees 50 to 200 per bird. The Java sparrow, a very rare bird, is also sold in the markets and fair is sold at the rate of 100 to 200 rupees per bird.

Hunting birds, killing them, and keeping them in cages are defined as punishable activities under Wildlife (conservation) Act 1972. Section 51 of this act has the provision of penalties for these activities. Department of forest, custom, police and even CBI are law enforcement agencies against these criminal activities. Still the bird trade goes on under the nose. In other post find detailed information about birds mentioned in this post.

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