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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Efforts to woo back birds

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The Kerala Forest Department has been reported to undertake various artificial measures to woo back birds to their natural habitat and to conserve them. For this, the department is providing artificial nests, feed and nesting material, and it is trying its best to improve birds’ habitat.
Earlier, this type of efforts were taken up by some NGO’s alone, but current efforts of the Kerala Forest Department is sure to send a novel message to the Forest Departments of other states of India as well, and encourage officers and employees of the department to device and implement conservation measures on their own while doing their duties defined by the government.
It has been reported that the Kerala Forest Department has planned to set up about 300 artificial hide outs for barn owls in Alappuzha town of the state. It is observed that barn owls usually make nests in old structures like mosques, temples, churches and traditional buildings. Now, since most of these buildings have been transformed into concrete structures and abandoned buildings are hard to find due to growth in human population, land reclamation etc., barn owls have lost their habitats completely. The Department of Forests is trying to provide artificial hide outs to barn owls, and pigeons in buildings.

1.Barn Owl
Common Mynas, wood peckers and parrots roost in holes of dead trees. In order to facilitate these birds in finding out suitable habitats, the Kerala Forest Department is formulating projects to consume and protect lofty and dead trees as well. The officers of the department have reportedly developed projects for constructing hide outs for barn owls, pigeon holes in tall buildings, for protecting lofty trees for certain birds that make nests in their holes; and for providing food and roosting sites for attracting birds of domestic and migrant categories. The project is planned to be launched in the area near the Vambanand Wetland System.

2. Holes in a tree trunk made by wood pecker

3. A Wood - pecker
The Kerala Department of Forests is taking up an initiative to create and widen natural habitats and to regenerate ecosystems. The above mentioned programmes form the part of these initiatives. The financial arrangements amounting up to 4 crore for these projects are to be made through Kuttanand Financial Package.
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