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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Government Plans to set up vulcher-care units at Muta

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With only 260 vulchers left in the Jharkhand state of India, the State’s Forest (Wildlife) Department is serious towards their healthcare and Protection.

In view of protecting vulchers of the state the State Department of Forest (Wildlife Division) is planning to set up a vulture care unit at Muta near Muta Crocodile Breeding Centre, about 23 Km from Ranchi Town.

The Vulcher Healthcare Unit which is to be set up in view of saving vulchers in the state from extinction is aimed to provide safe spaces for their health examination on regular basis. This unit is to be the part of the ‘Vulcher Breeding Project” which is a Central Project to come up at Muta in association with the Central Zoo Authority with the aim of increasing the number of species in Jharkhand. The project is to be started with an initial input of Rupees 40 lakh.

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The falling number of vulchers in Jharkhand has been a matter of concern for experts who are regularly studying all possible causes of their reducing population, Setting up of Vulcher Healthcare Units at Muta would encourage them reaching to some conclusion and devising latest method of their population. Under the project, two quarantine units are to be set up at some distance from the Healthcare Units.

As per the planning, the first quarantine unit is to be set up on an area of 10/10 feet at the bank of the Bhera rivulet located at a distance of 4-5 Km from the Vulcher Breeding Centre. The second quarantine unit is to be set up at an area of 40/10 feet. It has been planned to import baby birds from other areas. These birds are to be tested against carrying any contagious disease. When these birds would be found fit, these would be released from the second quarantine.

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As per the strategy, the baby birds are to be reared at the first quarantine where as the sub-adult birds are to be kept and reared at the second.

The main aviary is being constructed at an area of 100x400feet. The roof of the aviary is to be covered with a huge net. The adult birds are to be kept in this area. Near the breeding centre a small hospital is to be set up. The overall project is to be taken care of and monitored by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and the Central Zoo Authority of India. These centres will be responsible for directing the State Department for the conservation of birds and implementation of norms what ever is decided from time to time.

The Crocodile Breeding Centre at Muta is situated at a distance of 23 km from Ranchi on Ranchi Ramgarh Road near Ormanjhi. It covers an area of 0.02 sq km. It was commissioned in 1987 under the IUCN programme for conservation of endangered species. Crocodile breeding was started here with 5 Crocodiles, 3from Madras Crocodile Band and 2 from Bhera River. Marsh crocodile was first spotted in Bhera River in late 1960s, which flows nearby. There are around 50 crocodiles. A small forest rest house maintained by the Forest Department and a Rest-shed cater provided here to the need of visitors.

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