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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oxalis triangularis

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Oxalis triangularis is commonly known as love plant and purple Shamrock. It is found growing along roadsides during July and August months along with other families of the genus. It also grows along marsh sides, embankments, low lands and moist places. Its beautiful foliage and dainty flowers make it a good choice for containers, borders or indoors.It belongs to family Oxalidaceae or Papilionaceae.
The deep green or purple triangular leaves that close at night form noteworthy characteristics of the plant. It is reported to be native to Brazil. However it has been naturalized in many countries. It grows as a weed in India during rainy season.
It contains little amount of oxalic acid and does not have many medicinal properties. It is prone to fungal leaf spot diseases, rusts and smuts. Leaf miners and spider mites cause considerable damage to the plant.It can be grown indoors through rhizomes.

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Key Words: Oxalis tringularis, oxalidaceae, marshes, moist , rainy season

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