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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The World’s largest Insectarium

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The world’s first largest insectarium was established at Montreal in Canada. It was founded by Georges Brossard and was opened on February 7, 1990.

Georges Brossard is a noted International Entomologist of French Canadian origin. This insectarium features a large number of insects from across the world. Both live and dead insects have been displayed in the insectarium. When seen from the sky the building of insectarium looks like an insect.

The Montreal Insectarium – the Insectarium de Montréal is one of the foremost collections of insects in the world. It has six geographical areas categorized on the basis of six different themes.

The Montreal Insectarium has contributed its expertise to some of the major projects in the world. Some of these projects are – China’s first insectarium at Shanghai, in China; Butterfly House in the Adirondacks Park in U.S.A.; other insectaria in Teipei (Taiwan), Newfoundland and butterfly houses at the Children’s museum in Minnesota and New York Botanical Garden (U.S.A.).
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